50 days of Flying Low and Passing Through with David Zambrano – Costa Rica, 2010

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25th January – 2nd April 2010.

With the financial support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)

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In 2010 Cristina was chosen to take part in 50 days of Flying Low and Passing Through in Costa Rica with David Zambrano.

She was one of 34 International dance artists selected from all over the world to join some other local dancers from Costa Rica, Zambrano’s assistants and Zambrano himself to make a group of 50 strong dance artists to train for 50 days. The artists were specifically chosen because they demonstrate concurrent passions for making, teaching, and performing, three interests that are all active and vital parts of Zambrano’s own artistry.

At the end of the 50-day intensive, each student received a letter of certification by Zambrano approving them to use Flying Low and Passing Through however they like to develop it further as long as it’s a development from what Zambrano has already created. This has been the only group so far, to receive such certification.

Zambrano’s goal in the extended workshop is that a level of comprehension of and adeptness in the techniques is reached that allows the participants not just to teach Passing Through and Flying Low, but to be able to use, reform, and adapt the principles of the techniques towards their own interests and artistic directions, appropriating the work to a new generation of movers. The intensive culminated in two public performances of Passing Through at CENAC and the Teatro Nacional in San José, Costa Rica.

50 days people: David Zambrano, Mat Voorter, Horácio Macuacua, Edivaldo Ernesto, Young Cool Park, Leila McMillan, Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Krizaj, Joe Jurd, Clarice Lima, Christina Gouzeli, Paul M. Blackman, Elia Mrak, Hannes Langolf, Aymara Parola, Martín Piliponsky, Rachel Arianne Ogle, Diana Betancourt, Israel Ortiz, Erika Mata, Mario Blanco, José Andrés Álvarez, Laura Jiménez, Marko Fonseca, Luís Alfredo “cuba”, Zebastián Méndez, Oscar Padrosa, Dory Sánchez, Paula Lamamié, Anne Rouquès, Laureline Richard, Vangelis Legakis, Alexis Tsiamogiou, Maaike van de Westering, Inga Maren Runnarsdóttir, Lisa Masellis, Ruta Nordmane, Aleksandar Georgiev, Victor Hernández, Eva Grainger, Omaris Mariñas, Malgorzata Haduch, Cristina Planas Leitão, Nicholas Aphane, Linn Ragnarsson, Simon Wehrli, Daisy Servigna, Carlos Penso and Sophia Rodriguez.


The 50 days dancers by photographer Anja Hitzenberger