The Very Delicious Piece XL, by C J (2016) – Danse Élargie

by Cristina Planas Leitão (PT) & Jasmina Krizaj (SI)

Finalist at Danse Élargie 2016
 Théâtre de la Ville, Paris

The Very Delicious Piece XL is an extended version of The Very Delicious Piece created in 2012 by Cristina & Jasmina, which premiered at Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture in September in co-production with DeVIR-Capa (Faro, PT), Platforma Festival – Plesna Izba Maribor (SI), HELLERAU European Center for the Arts Dresden (DE) within the framework of MODUL DANCE and by Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture.

The participation in Danse Élargie is possible, with the Support of Porto Municipality – Câmara Municipal do Porto 2016


TVDP XL © Laurent Philippe

CONCEPT of XL version
This time, for Danse Élargie, we would like to expand the vibration to a bigger stage and to more bodies to understand the impact of that in the audience. Always, after we performed this piece the audience felt extremely shaken and physically and emotionally affected, even disturbed sometimes, so how would it be to if we were a mass – a mass of shaking bodies, emotionally detached, just playing with layers, that happen to juxtapose in the exact right moments and slide off when you least expect. The POP love songs, thouroughly chosen through time, add the layer of entertainment that allow the audience to be carried away by memory and by their own feelings of disgust, love, hate, inducing the experience in the audience and placing them in a contaminating moment.

In The Very Delicious Piece we searched for the long lost essentially, intensity and insistency. We researched in a state that transforms the bodies, making them vibrate throughout the room seeing the space and the others as an extension of us. We contaminated a still audience and made them move with our default physicality – shaking!How is it when we are 10? Only women? Only men? Older people? How does this change the meaning of the piece and the impact it has in the audience, without even touching it’s structure, only multiplying it.

“This piece is something pretty extraordinary. It provoked all sorts of odd reactions in us. Sometimes perturbing, sometimes awkward. But also entranced, bewitched and mesmerized. It’s unrelentingly minimal and utterly engrossing as relationships between the performers and with the audience transform moment by moment” – Eddie Nixon and Ellie Beedham – programmers The Place, UK



CAST & BIOS XL Version (+ Cristina & Jasmina)

  • Aymará Parola was born in 1982 in Las Rosas, Argentina. Her first dance steps were in traditional Argentinian folk dance and ballet. She completed her education through contemporary dance programs in Buenos Aires, including the Contemporary Dance School of San Martin Theatre 2002, and the Contemporary Dance School Arte XXI, 2002 – 2004. From 2004 – 2009 Aymara performed and collaborated with choreographers in Argentina as well as created her own work. In 2009 she moved to Europe and continued her research in dance training with artists such as David Zambrano (50 days of Flying Low and Passing Through Costa Rica project, 2010), Thomas Hauert, Julyen Hamilton, Les Slovaks dance collective and many others which have significantly influenced her personal style of physical dance making. Since 2011, Aymara has been performing with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, including the productions Oedipus/Bêtnoir (2011-2012), What’s the Prediction?! (2012), Spiritual Unity (2013) and the revival of What the Body Does Not Remember (2013-2015). Aymara continues to explore and develop her own work, leading workshops in Europe and Latin America, driven by her insatiable curiosity for dynamic physicality.
  • Daniela Cruz [Oporto, 1985]. She completed the Vocational Course at Ginasiano Dance Schoo. In 2003 she decided to study in the Netherlands and got a degree in Dance program, specialization as Performer, at Codarts, in 2007. Since 2007, she worked in the Netherlands as a freelancer with various choreographers,  such as Krisztina Châtel, Massimo Molinari, David Middendorp, Irena Misirlic, Corneliu Ganea, Liat Magnezy, Mateja Bucar, Valasia Simeon, Jagoda Bobrowska. In 2013, she returned to Portugal and worked with Marco da Silva Ferreira ‘Land (e) scape’ under Imaginarius Festival (2014), with Victor Hugo Pontes ‘Fall’ (2015) – national tour: Teatro Rivoli (Porto) Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimaraes), Theatro Circo (Braga), Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon), Cineteatro Estarreja, Biennale Sao Paulo, Brazil (Campinas) and  ‘Se alguma vez precisares da minha, vem e toma-a’ (2016 ) – national tour: Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimaraes), Teatro Nacional São João (Oporto), Centro Cultural Belém (Lisbon) and Teatro Joaquim Benite (Almada), with Joana Providência ‘Sem legendas’ (2016) and ‘Inquietações’ (2016) – Teatro Municipal Rivoli (Porto). In 2012, parallel to her performing career, she started her activity as choreographer and up until now, she created 5 pieces: ‘Tipping Point’ (collaboration with Glòria Ros), ‘Diamonds on the Crown’, ‘bittersweet’, ‘7 minutos em atraso’ and ‘Forging’. In 2013 and 2014, she participated as movement teacher, at the Art Education project, organized by Companhia Instável. In 2013, she was choreography assistant of Ana Figueira, in the piece ‘Segredo’, a project for dancers and deaf people. She started working as production assistant in 2013, at Companhia Instável. Since 2012, she teaches contemporary dance classes at Ginasiano Dance School (Vila Nova de Gaia), at Companhia Instável (Porto), and other places where she is invited as guest teacher.
  • Ana Renata Polónia [Porto,1985] was born in Porto (where she works and lives), but she’s natural from Ovar. In her training, early sought to explore various artistic fields. She has completed the Master Degree by the Architecture Faculty of the University of Porto (FAUP), exploring the relationship between contemporary dance and space, through the analysis of 90s dance videos, in her Master Thesis.  In 2012 started to explore video-dance with her first video work The Hidden Dimension of Renata Polónia with focus on movement as a tool for space searching. With this work she met Teresa Santos, with whom share later the direction of EXODUS (2013) and MESA (2013). This last work was presented for the first time in 2014, in the second desNORTE exhibition as a duo performance, and later at MAP/P Portugal (3rd edition) and at as a solo.In 2015, Ana joined the Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography III at Companhia Instável in Porto, where she began a new research with Joana Lopes, called Yeborath, presented already at the third edition of desNORTE exhibition and at the final students program.Among others she collaborated with Alice Joana Gonçalves in Apocalipse (2012), Willi Dorner in Bodies in Urban Spaces (2013), Vera Mota in Several (2013), Catarina Miranda and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha in DOBRALÍNGUA (2013), SANCTA VISCERA TUA (2014), REIPOSTO REIMORTO (2014-2015), NEXØ (2015) and ECO DA VÍSCERA (2015-2016).
  • Catarina Miranda (PT 1982) Artist working with languages that intercept performance, scenography and light, approaching the body as a vessel for the transformation and mediation of hypnagogic states, as well as for the gestures of the visceral conscience of the present. BA in Visual Arts at Fine Arts School of Porto’s University; Finished the Courses “Dance for the Community”/ FórumDança, “F.I.A”/ CEM and “Berlin Post School for Physical Theater and Dance”/KIM, Tanzfabrik. Studied Classical Ballet by Royal Academy of Dance.
    Presents: REIPOSTO REIMORTO (Municipal Theatre Porto 2015) SHARK (PT15 –Espaço do Tempo, Dock11Berlin, Municipal Theatre Porto 2015) RAM MAN (Municipal Theatre Porto, Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória/Porto, Dock11/Berlin, DanceBox/Japan, Guimarães/European Capital of Culture, 2012/14).
    Highlights the work with Jonathan Saldanha (Khorus Anima, Sancta Viscera Tua, Eco da Víscera 2012-16) and Meg Stuart (Re-Run 2008).
    Co-founder of the collective Flocks&Shoals and of the venue AltesFinanzamt (Berlin).
  • Valentina Campora graduated in 2005 at the Modern Dance Department of the Theaterschool of Amsterdam and in 2009 at D.A.M.S. at the University of Litterature and Philosophy of Genova, Italy. She danced and collaborated, with among others, Erik Kaiel (NL), Jakop Ahlbom (NL), Cristina Planas Leitao (PT) and Andy Moor (UK/NL). From 2008 to 2014 she worked with Gabriella Maiorino (IT/NL), with which she co-founded in 2013 the dance company CLANCARNAL. She is also developing her own projects and is an active participant and collaborator in the Amsterdam music and dance scene.
  • Sophia Rodriguez is a dancer, choreographer, actress and circus artist. She graduated at the National Theater of Venezuela’s educational program and at The Dance Institute of Venezuela. She got a master degree in physical theater from Dimitri’s School in Switzerland. She is part of the 50Collective; since 2010.  She became the artist in residence at Volksroom Brussels and received the prestigious DanceWEB scholarship within the frame of Impulstanz Festival, Vienna (AT), having as mentor Ivo Dimchev.  In 2012 she has the premier of her masterpiece I am Your Eva, having as adviser Micha Goldberg. Since 2014 she is artist in residence at CAMPO (BE). 

© Josselin Carré