skinned (2007)

“I’m like a ball of wool wound from the outside…” F. Pessoa.

”Introversion, sense of superiority, loneliness, body as a combination of pieces, masturbation, hallucinations, laughter and crying in appropriate moments, selfdestruction, catatonic movement I am SKINNED, in a framed stage , where I try to answer my research question of how to translate the theme into movement, being inspired by the schizophrenic genie of Fernando Pessoa.” (C.Leitão)

choreography / dance: Cristina Leitão
music: Christiaan Saris (with Violent femmes)
assistance to choreographer: Marta Lopes

lenght: 20′

Skinned was awarded the 3rd prize in the choreographic competition c.o.n.t.est08 in Parnü, Estonia, organized by Teet Kask. Jury members: Wim Vandekeybus, Katja Werner, Teet Kask, Maksim Komaro, Tiit Tuumalu.

Skinned was 1st developed in Dansateliers Rotterdam, 2007 as part of One Night’s Dance program


13.10.2007 Dansateliers Rotterdam, One Night’s Dance

31.11.2008 Muiderpoort Theater, Amsterdam

01.12.2008 Muiderpoort Theater, Amsterdam

29.03.2008 Endla Theater, Parnü, Estonia – semi-finals c.o.n.t.est08

30.03.2008 Endla Theater Parnü, Estonia – finlas c.o.n.t.est08