by Jasmina Krizaj (SI) & Cristina Planas Leitão (PT/NL)


“I’m just standing, waiting, since always and till always (forever) being there. Sweaty, vibrating, light-headed, stiff legged, an agitated and addicted body waiting for you. Finally I can declare myself to you. Finally I can surrender myself to you. Finally I can be pathetic. Finally I can be a drama queen. Finally I can be banal. But finally I can go beyond myself and take you with me. You are the impure and only essence of my ritual.”

©  Saša Huzjak

THE VERY DELICIOUS PIECE is first and foremost a search for the long lost essentiality, intensity and insistency. It is a limbo meeting between entertainment, being in love, a personal experience in two and how our own vibrant transformation reaches a still audience. Shaking is the physical expression of love – a default state. Banality is common to all…  The music is an external layer of memorable “rituals”. Two glowing bodies radiating 360º, exposed but detached, induce meaning through the eyes of the viewer into relationships that physically deform us and make us addicts to drama. This is not a love story!

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The Very Delicious Piece was selected for Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance 2013.

Held in Ljubljana, the festival showcases most of the outstanding works of the previous 2 seasons, which then compete for the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance Award for best dance performance. This year’s selection was made by: Klaus Ludwig, Mateja Bučar & Pia Brezavšček



NEW DATE NEW DATE NEW DATE – 26 September | Festival Dance, Dance, Dance, Teatro das Figuras (Municipal de Faro), Faro (PT) – 21:30 

19 June | MALTA FESTIVAL 2015, Poznan (PL) – 21:00, Stary Browar, Studio Słodownia+3 – Program Old Brewery New Dance


8 May | 2ª plataforma de dança – criadores nacionais/ 2nd platform of Portuguese National Makers – Devir-CAPa, Faro (PT) – 18:00  | link to full program | link to day program

26 May | Volksroom Brussels (BE), 20:00

7 December | No_Body Festival/ Dance Gate Lefkosia at DanceHouse Lefkosia (Nicosia), 20:00


22 February 2013 |  Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance at Plesni Teater Ljubljana – 19h

29 June 2013 |  Spectrum Festival, Villach (AT)

29 August 2013|  The Place, London (UK) – festival Summer House –  read The Place’s newsletter here & The Place Summer House program

16 November 2013 | Volksroom Brussels, BE

12 December 2013 | Quintas de Leitura – Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto (PT) – (Fragment)


1 June 2012 |  CoFestival – Modul Dance – Plesni Teater Ljubljana (SI)

13 & 14 July 2012 | I like to watch Too – Paradiso, Julidans Festival, Amsterdam (NL)

17 August 2012 | Festival Polenta, Maribor/ European Capital of Culture (SI) – 20h

18 September 2012 | Try-out at Stara Mestna Elektrarna, Bunker, Ljubljana (SI) as part of the Closing event of the Contemporary Dance Network & Gibanica on Tour.

29 September 2012| Modul Dance Premiere – Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture – Slovensko Narodno Gledališče, Maribor (SI) – 20h – click here for the complete program of Move to Maribor

6 October 2012 | Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto (PT) – 17h e 21h

12 & 13 October 2012 |CAAA, Guimarães – European Capital of Culture (PT) – 22h

20 & 21 October 2012 |workshop Guimarães – European Capital of Culture (PT)

6 & 7 November 2012 | Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künsten, Dresden (DE)


8 September  2011 | Presentation at Platforma, SNG – Slovensko Narodno Gledališče (Slovenia National Theater), Maribor (SI)

14 December 2011 | informal presentation at Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künsten, Dresden (DE)


1-18 March 2011 | residency at DeVIR-CAPA, Faro (PT) with informal showing on the 18th of March

3 August – 11 September 2011 | residency at Plesna Izba Maribor (SI)

12-28 September 2012 | Final residency at Plesna Izba Maribor (SI) / Modul Dance production/ Move to Maribor program

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Balcony photo by Jack Aarts; all other photos by Saša Huzjak (



Concept & Performance Cristina Planas Leitão, Jasmina Krizaj | Light design & Music selection Cristina Planas Leitão, Jasmina Krizaj | Dramaturgical advice Robert Steijn, Igor Dobricic | Vocal coach Simon Wehrli | Production: CJ (Cristina & Jasmina) & Plesna Izba Maribor | Length: aprox. 50 min

Thanks to: José Laginha, Ana Rodrigues, Mojca Kasjak, Marlene Vilhena, Nina Milin, Anja Bornsek, Simon Wehrli, Pedro Neves, Mala Kline, Nienke Scholts, Joana Ferreira, among others.

In co-production with DeVIR-Capa (Faro, PT), Platforma Festival – Plesna Izba Maribor (SI), HELLERAU European Center for the Arts Dresden (DE) within the framework of MODUL DANCE and by Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture.

*This collaboration is a satellite piece of Jasmina Krizaj’s larger research into an improvisation method by re-channeling the nervous system – Into the Out, within the frame of Modul Dance. For more information on Jasmina and the project, please check:



The Very Delicious Piece at Cofestival, Ljubljana – June 2012

The Very Delicious Piece at I Like To Watch Too, Julidans – July 2012


*Technical rider, budget and press photos are available upon request.