Into the Out by Jasmina Krizaj – 2011

Modul-dance is a multi-annual cooperation project funded by the European Commission through the Culture Programme. Supported by the European Dancehouse Network modul-dance is a collaboration between 22 European dance houses and media institutions from 15 countries; more than any previous EU-sponsored cultural project.

In this context, the aim of modul-dance is to create the optimum production conditions for artists, dancers and choreographers throughout Europe in order to facilitate their mobility and promote the dissemination of their work.

The project is organised as a modular system system to facilitate the creative working process of each artist. Every participating artist has the possibility of going through 4 module phases, i.e. research, residency, production and presentation of the works. A pre-modular programme, carte blanche is offered to promising young artists to complete a short residency at one project partner’s dance house. In parallel to this modular process additional artistic programmes are being organised, such as conferences, artists’ think tanks, film screenings, roadshow activities and festivals.

Jasmina_Krizaj  [2011]

Into the earth and out of th(is)e earth (working title)

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The main issue or purpose of this work is to explore and try to develop a method for consciously reorganizing the nervous system. Not through mental processes, but through a movement/through physicality. I see the body as a tool of whatever we call ourselves (object and subject in one), as a vehicle for transformation, a vehicle for which we have the ability to command it with all our powers. For that kind of work, I think, it is necessary to develop a high level of body and mind awareness. Therefore for the ability to transform in an instant an individual needs a high level of ?lack-awareness?, what in the same time means to be conscious of and in ignorance. For me dance is rather a state then a shape. Our perception is today almost in total based on external stimuli, causing changes in our state of mind/feelings. And precisely because of these states or feelings (which trigger neurons) our muscles learn “correct” responses. I wonder how we can alter personal perception just by using the body as an instrument or even better how can we swop from one perception to another by using just the body? It is known that electrons, as an integral part of all matter, under the eye of an outside observer behave as hard particles, while not having an observer they behave as waves of energy with unlimited possibilities. If this is true it means that in the presence of people our bodies, especially when they are exposed, always behave slightly different from the behavior when we are totally alone. So, is it possible to train the nervous system which is made of those exact electrons? Or are we always somehow tricked by ourselves? And if that is possible then what happens to the human nervous system when electrons maintain waveform and what would then be human limitations? Because, if limitations would really exist then I wonder what is with the whole concept of constant development and evolution?


Interview with Jasmina Krizaj about the Modul Dance project