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Inconsumivel is a collective portable structure that aims to share alternative ways of production. INCONSUMIVEL works with the potential unleashed with the decentralization of artistic forms. It is a group of artists that create and document ways of investigation, questioning existent mechanisms of production.

Inconsumivel is not a product.

Inconsumivel is not exclusive.

Inconsumivel is feed of collective usage.

Inconsumivel does not run out; it is us and what we create.

Inconsumivel is out of deadline.

Inconsumivel is, literally, unfit for consumption.

Inconsumivel is a matter of time.

Inconsumivel renews itself.

Inconsumivel is our desire.

Inconsumivel is to emerge what was already there.

Inconsumivel is a cadavre esqui.

Inconsumivel is not ready.

Inconsumivel willing to be.

Inconsumivel exists from a surprise.

Inconsumivel empowers.

Inconsumivel is to make the desert visible.