About my work

Cristina’s work plays in the meanders of ambiguity; of concrete and abstract images; of a subject and an object body. The work is not created by the performer alone but instead happens in the space between of transmission of performer & audience and relies on the experience induced by simple and familiar stage elements such as time, space, breath, gaze, tears. It does not conclude, it suggests, through absurdity, banality and humor. It allows the emergence of very current connections, allowing them to appear as complex metaphors.

The performer’s presence and how it affects the audience’s perception are a strong characteristic of the work. The relation with the audience is created by allowing them to enter in the intimate space of the performer and therefore creating a relation that potentiates diverse unfoldings and meanings. The choreographic works are thoughtful and clearly structured in a manner that modulates the direct sensorial responses to the choreographic machine.

The presence work allows the shift between the outside reality and the realm of images, between in and out, between the self and the other, embracing multiple points of view, informing the creation and transformation of performative material on the levels of movement, text, physical action or song. The work is raw but meticulously constructed from all perspectives; unconventional in the content and form it is presented.

Insistency and intensity are key words in the work, creating a suspension of disbelief through the juxtaposition of simple raw physicality and emotional detachment by recreating single parameters of complex situations/ emotions. It is soft choreography that deals with affect. The achievement is not to create a new movement language but rather explore what is already there, what are the truths, what are the questions, where can it be distorted, displaced or enhanced, through a multitude of languages and layers that need to be used to access it, whether they are text, music or movement.