Collaborations: C J

Cristina Planas Leitão & Jasmina Krizaj

Cristina and Jasmina both graduated in 2006 from Dutch academies for arts (Dance Performance from ArtEZ & De Theaterschool – School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam). In 2010 they were both invited to be part of the project “50 days in Costa Rica” with David Zambrano, where they acquired the necessary qualifications to teach, use and renew the techniques of “Flying Low” and “Passing Through”.

They never met in Holland during their study, but they shared many ideas in the common bathroom in Costa Rica. Out of this intimate exchanges came »The Very Delicious Piece« and after also their second production »The Very Boring Piece«. At the moment both performances are in the proccess of touring. The nostalgia for the common future keeps them together.

The Pieces:

  • The Very Delicious Piece (2012)
  • The Very Boring Piece (2014)
  • The Very Delicious Piece XL (2016)
  • The Primal Piece (new work)